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HVB Update - May 2017

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Aum Sri Sai Ram

General news

Our HVB projects continue to do exceptional work throughout India enabling the very poor, ill and elderly people to get some solace in their daily lives. The projects range from lifesaving operations, cancer therapy, hospice treatment, heart and eye surgeries, general medical and dental treatment, food and clothing.

HVB would like to express our sincere thanks to all our members for supporting this service activities and of course this would not be possible without the blessings of our dearest Bhagawan Baba.

The Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust have advised HVB that the annual Grama Seva conducted during Dashera festival will be discontinued from 2017. However, the Grama Seva will take place throughout the year in a different manner, with Swami’s Students going to targeted and needy villages every weekend. Swami graciously allowed HVB to participate fully in this stupendous program for many years. HVB would like to thank Sri Ajit Popat, who was our founding member and managing trustee, all the Grama Seva boys and HVB members who contributed their time and resources in past and are still motivated in participating in these types of service activities.

The Virat Hospice, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

The CEO reported celebrating their fourth anniversary in April 2017. They have registered their 665th patient and seen all kinds of cancer patients some with terrible case histories. Despite this the hospice staff and team have handles these cases with remarkable patience and kindness. Besides 24-hour nursing care the entire management of food and accommodation is given completely free from social cooperation.

The hospice has shifted from rented buildings to their own newly built campus and their capacity has increased from 18 to 48 beds. The CEO has again greatly thanked HVB team and members for making this hospice a success story.

Sri Sathya Sai Eye Hospital, Surat, Gujarat

The State president of SSS Seva Organisation-Gujarat reported that 86 eye surgeries were carried out in March 2017 and 97 surgeries done in April 2017

Sri Sathya Sai Dharamshala Dental Clinic, Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh

The management at the clinic reported that dental treatment was given free of charge to 380 patients in March 2017 and 540 patients in April 2017. Root canal treatment, fillings. extractions, gum treatment and emergency care are provided routinely. They have thanked HVB for supporting the clinic.

Sri Sathya Sai General Hospital, Ch. Pothapalli, Andhra Pradesh

The team at Pothapalli hospital has profusely thanked HVB for the kind contribution towards this hospital which is a living testimony of Bhagawan Baba’s legacy in rural India.

From 24th April 2017, Maha Samadhi Day, full meals are being provided to all patients and attendees in the hospital.

Hospital highlights include:

  • Patients come from 129 villages
  • Maximum distance covered is 70 kms
  • Patients seen from 2009 (inception) to January 2017 is 203,668
  • Free medical care

This hospital has several subsidiary projects and one of them is SSS Deena Bando Project and highlights include:

  • 200 old and disabled beneficiaries
  • Daily distribution
  • of meals in 7 villages
  • 62,600 meals served in 2016
  • 397,200 meals served from 201 (inception) till now
  • Aim is to feed 1000 people daily free of charge

New projects to follow include SSS Vedic School, Sri Maha Lakshmi Temple, SSS Vocational Training Centre for Village Women Empowerment and Water facilities for animals.

HVB continues to care and support the poor and needy in the spirit of Love All, Serve All. Hands that pray are holier than lips that pray.

We thank our beloved lord for allowing us at HVB to participate and witness the wonderful work He is undertaking.

Pinakin Shah


HVB Update - March 2017

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Aum Sri Sai Ram

General news

It is with great pride to inform that Sri Ajit Popat’s book “The Divine Puppeteer” was released in Prasanthi Nilayam on 24th February 2017, being the holy day of Maha Shivaratri. The book contains all the talks given by Sri Popat in the immediate Divine Presence of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. The talks took place in Sai Baba’s ashrams- Prasanthi Nilayam, Whitefield and Kodaikanal.

Sri Popat was the Founding Member and Managing Trustee of HVB. Although he is now retired, he is still the driving force, guide and inspiration by working tirelessly behind the scene.

All our Heart Valve Bank projects are progressing well and making a significant impact in lives of poor people in many parts of India. Our heartfelt thanks to HVB members who share in our vision for a better future amongst the less privileged population.

Following are brief reports of some of the HVB sponsored activities in India. All facilities where HVB are involved in give patients completely free care.

The Virat Hospice, Jabalpur. Madhya Pradesh

The Virat Hospice is a volunteer institute conducted by social collaboration with the social cooperation of the government. The cancer patients are given essential treatment, medicines, advice and 24 hour nursing care. A colleague and their food and accommodation are provided and so far 625 patients have benefitted in a warm beautiful environment.

The CEO of this organisation has thanked HVB for providing them unending support.

Sri Sathya Sai Eye Hospital, Surat, Gujarat

The State President of SSS Seva Organisation- Gujarat reported that 98 surgeries were carried in January 2017 and a further 60 surgeries performed in February 2017 at Sri Sathya Sai Eye Hospital, Surat.

The recent donation by HVB of a second Phaco machine which facilitates removal of cataracts, has greatly increased the capacity of this hospital. Dr Aparnaben is a specialist ophthalmologist who travels from Mumbai to Surat every month to carry out numerous eye operations on needy patients in Surat. She travels to Surat at her own expense and works voluntarily.

This month HVB have also sponsored this hospital’s dental care by donating a state of art dental chair, operating light, porcelain spittoon, micro motor, endodontic handpiece, scaler motor, light curing unit and compressor. All this equipment will enable the hospital to provide routine dental care to the needy patients. HVB have learnt that four dentists in

Gujarat will help provide this treatment free of charge. It is good to know so many kind people are blessed and motivated to come forward and do these acts of generosity.

Sri Sathya Sai Dharamshala Dental Clinic, Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh

The management of Dharamshala dental clinic informed HVB that they treated 423 patients in January 2017 and 312 in February 2017.

February statistics show 80 fillings, 90 extractions, 60 scaling and 15 root canal treatments were carried out.

Sri Sathya Sai General Hospital, Ch. Pothapalli, Andhra Pradesh

The team at Pothapalli hospital has thanked HVB for the kind contribution towards this hospital which is a living testimony of Bhagawan Baba’s legacy in rural India.

Hospital is the central project of Sri Sathya Sai model village project. Subsequently other smaller projects have sprung up giving medicare and sociocare to hundreds of patients every month.

Highlights of the hospital’s activities for 2016 include:

  • 203,668 outpatients served since inception in Feb 2009
  • 32,246 outpatients seen in 2016
  • 28 medical camps in 28 villages
  • 102 eye operations
  • Patients come from 129 nearby villages

The hospital celebrated its’ 8th anniversary on 14th Feb 2017. The staff asked HVB trustees for a photo of Sri Ajit Popat which they wished to display in a prominent position in the hospital as an honour to his commitment and devotion to Bhagawan Baba and this hospital.

The hospital team have thanked HVB for constructing and maintaining the hospital and needless to say all care is provided free to patients.

The management of hospital are going to do Prana Pratishta of Sri Mahalakshmi Temple, West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh on 30/04/2017 and have kindly invited HVB to join in with the celebrations

Pinakin Shah


Launch of “The Divine Puppeteer”

The Divine Puppeteer launched at Prashanti Nilayam on the auspicious and holy day of Maha Shivrathri.

The book is a compilation of speeches and talks delivered by the author Sri Ajit Popat in the immediate Divine Presence. Our beloved lord lovingly addressed Sri Popat as Puppet.

It is HVB’s privilege and honour that Sri Popat is its Founder Member and the Managing Trustee since inception until December 2015 when he retired, however, still continues with all the activities of HVB.

The book was released by Sri R. J. Ratnakar, Member, Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust. Following which Sri Popat addressed the gathering.

Sri Ajit Popat address the event

HVB Update - January 2017

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Aum Sri Sai Ram

General news

Wishing all our members, donors, project co-ordinators, patients and well-wishers a very bright and soul fulfilling 2017. We pray all our service activities continue with same vigour and continue to receive divine grace to meet our new challenges.

HVB projects continue to make great strides in many rural areas of India and has helped improve health of thousands of people every year. The poor and elderly are main recepients of this Medicare.

The Virat Hospice, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

The Virat Hospice has been running since April 2013 and has served over 615 patients so far. They bought new land last year as present facilities were not adequate to meet their expanding commitments. A new hospice, cancer centre and school are being built on this newly acquired land. By end of January 2017 twenty patients will be accommodated into two new blocks. Further blocks for kitchen and dining areas and other facilities will be completed in couple of months.

The CEO and management of Virat Hospice have thanked members and trustees of HVB for their continued support as they would not have progressed this far without them.

Sri Sathya Sai Eye Hospital, Surat, Gujarat

The State President of SSS Seva Organisation-Gujarat reported that 51 eye surgeries were completed in November 2016, and 78 surgeries in December 2016.

The Surat hospital has now acquired a new Phaco machine funded by HVB. This machine facilitates removal of cataracts in eyes.

Sri Sathya Sai Dharamshala Dental Clinic, Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh

The management of this clinic informed HVB that 350 patients were treated in November 2016 and a further 350 patients in December 2016.

HVB is sponsoring this clinic and two dentists are treating daily providing dental treatment free of charge to poor and needy people. Treatment carried out includes examination, fillings, extractions, scaling and emergency care.

Sri Sathya Sai General Hospital, Ch, Pothepalli, Andhra Pradesh

The team at Pothepalli hospital thanked HVB for maintaining its hospital. They expressed that with our continued support hundreds of villagers from surrounding areas are able to access free medical care every month. They highlighted that many diabetic and hypertensive patients would not have survived had HVB not been involved.

This hospital conducts regular general medical and eye camps in remote villages.

Hospital staff engage in promoting good health and positive vibrations in neighbouring villages by distributing food items on auspicious days. Villagers are encouraged to become self-sufficient and farmers are taught how to improve farming and use of pesticides and agricultural tools.

Andhra Pradesh government awarded “Smart Village Appreciation Certificate” to Ch. Pothepalli as they have recognised the valuable services offered by staff in the region.

The management have indicated their interest in having an added facility of telemedicine centre.

Pinakin Shah

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