Aug’2018 Activities

With all of your support, HVB has continued to support a variety of activities during August 2018. Thank you all for your ongoing commitment to the multitude of causes as listed below:

Ambulance donation

HVB has provided 2 fully equipped and functioning ambulances to the Arubindo trust Pondicherry. These will be used for conducting mobile medical clinics in remote parts of Tamilnadu, India.

Specialist Scanning equipment

In order to effectively diagnose thyroid pathologies, the Sri Sathya Sai hospital, Nagpur, required a specialist scanner which HVB has facilitated the acquisition of.

Dental Equipment

As part of HVB’s continual activity with providing effective dental care across India, a state of the art dental chair has been donated in Gujrat to help provide oral care to those in need.

Medical Camp

Providing top class health care to those in need is the primary objective for HVB. Once again, HVB has reached out to those in need in the area of Vasai, Maharastra and a medical camp was organised to treat 86 children with a variety of cardiac disorders. All children were diagnosed and managed at the Fortis Hospital Mumbai with no cost incurred to the patient or their families.

Free Food distribution

Monthly distribution of food is an activity that HVB continues to support and August was no different. ‘Narayan Seva’ was conducted to all those in need especially the extremely poor and vulnerable children of Mumbai who in addition to receiving a hot meal, also received stationary and other necessary items for education.

Heart Valves

Our ongoing commitment to the supply of heart valves, has witnessed HVB financially support the purchases of heart valves for cardiac interventions carried out in the Sri Sathya Sai heart hospital, Rajkot.