Covid-19 Relief & Support

With the kind & generous support of all its donors, Heart Valve Bank has been able to provide assistance to various projects in India and especially at this time when COVID-19 has caused great misery to our brothers and sisters in India. Following are the recent projects taken up by HVB:

  1. Supply of 10 Oxygen concentrators, 100 Oximeters and 2000 N95 masks for the Ramakrishna Mission Rajkot for the Covid-19 relief work. The service team at the RamaKrishna Mission have started lending them to the patients undergoing home treatment free of cost in Rajkot and some of rural area through their centres in Gujarat.
  2. The Sathya Sai Gramin Jagriti project has set up a 50 bed covid centre in Chandigarh and through one of our brothers Tarun Bhardwaj, HVB participated in the Project with Medicine and B.P. monitors supply for this noble initiative.
  3. Two 50 LPM oxygen concentrators has been arranged for Sathya Sai Murlidhar Hospital, MOGA, Punjab. This hospital would serve the needy patients in the rural areas around the hospital where the facilities are not as great as larger cities and hence is going to benefit many needy people in the region.
  4. HVB has joined forces with the Seva Prathisthan Rama Krishna Mission, Kolkatta to assist with the charitable activities by funding the purchase of the below medical equipments :-
    •   – High Performance Echocardiography Equipment,
    •   – High Frequency X-Ray Equipment and
    •   – Holter Monitoring Equipment.
      The Seva Prathisthan hospital has been serving the Covid-19 patients tirelessly and these equipments would assist the medical staff to bring relief to the high number of people in this environment where the lockdowns are getting extended due to the high number of cases.
  5. Cochlear implant done for an 8-year-old boy, Ayush Kamat, son of a driver. It’s a surgical implant that enables a deaf person to receive and process sounds and speech to a certain extent.
  6. Support to Savitribai – KEM Hospital (details to follow).