The Virat Hospice Project

During the 10th year HVB anniversary function on the 6th May 2013,it was announced that HVB will start treating cancer patients. This resolve did not take long to materialise as HVB was approached by the VIRAT Hospice for support for their divine project on 11th May 2013. The VIRAT Hospice looks after terminally ill cancer patients in Jabalpur, a town which has the third largest urban population in the state of Madhya Pradesh and is the 38th largest urban settlement in India as per the 2011 census statistics.

In the UK, terminally ill cancer patients have the support of the NHS and that of several non-governmental organisations (including NGOs) during their final stages of life. They are treated with respect and are provided with various services such as either home treatment or hospices, medications to alleviate suffering and to improve comfort, help dealing with personal and financial matters, and even assistance arranging for a dignified funeral.

We were informed that terminally ill cancer patients in India were deprived of such comforts and that the VIRAT Hospice’s mission was to care for them and improve their quality of life. VIRAT’s aim was to double their number of beds to cater for

more patients. HVB was privileged in participating in such a noble endeavour, supporting a tripling in the number of available beds, hence allowing VIRAT to over-achieve its original targets.

On the 6th May 2014, exactly a year after the original announcement, HVB decided to increase its commitments to VIRAT Hospice by providing contribution for the sole purpose of fulfilling any reasonable wishes / desires which the residents might have been cherishing. The financial assistance would help to cover expenses incurred to visit relatives and friends or even to undertake pilgrimages.

VIRAT Hospice has served 96 patients to date. It currently has a capacity of 29 beds staffed by 15 people. It is headed by Swami Gyaneshwari Didiji and the medical director, Dr Akhilesh Gumastha who is a prolific orthopaedic surgeon.

Individual Cancer Patients

During the Grama Seva in October 2013, HVB was very fortunate to serve Raghav a boy aged 3 from Mauritius, by part sponsoring his leukemia treatment in India. Such an expensive and complex treatment was not available in his home country.

Two other patients from India were sponsored for treatment of breast and uterine cancers.

Fortis Hospital, Mumbai

Heart Valve Bank is also honoured and privileged to collaborate with Fortis hospital in the provision of free consultations and treatment of cancer patients.