HVB Provides Brand New Ambulance

West Bengal is the fourth most populous state in India with a population of approximately 90 million. 1 in 5 people in the state live below the poverty line and are at significant risk of Malaria, diarrhoeal disease, acute respiratory infections and malnutrition as well as being affected by regular flooding during the monsoon season.

There has been a clear need of medical services reaching those in remote rural areas, especially within the northern region of the state. Medical vans and ambulances have been urgently required to cover the healthcare needs of this area, which to date has been inadequate. Heart Valve Bank has been honoured to support this urgent and critical need and has provided Northern West Bengal with a medically equipped ambulance on 29th July 2019. We are very pleased to also report that HVB has agreed to supply a second ambulance later this year to fulfil the requirements and further support those in need.