HVB Supports underprivileged children

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Heart Valve Bank is pleased to report that it has recently partnered with ‘Saajha – Charter for Compassion’ in supporting the education of underprivileged children in Delhi, India. Saajha campaigns to digitally enable children to distance learn by providing handheld devices for education.

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic all education in India was delivered online. With significant poverty and economic inequality, access to education and learning was significantly affected. Many children were therefore disconnected to their schools with access to learning materials severely affected.

The impact on underprivileged girls was most severely felt. For these girls, it became a period of being absorbed in house hold tasks and childcare responsibilities and even child labour to support the family income. Significant numbers have been sent to places afar and many now stand on the verge of losing the opportunity for a better life.

Heart Valve Bank is honoured to support this cause in partnership with ‘Saajha – Charter for Compassion,’ and has recently enabled 25 under-privileged girls from South and West Delhi government schools with the digital access now. These girls are able to attend online classes, successfully continuing with their education giving them realistic hope for a brighter future through this intervention.

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