Recent Activities

HVB is happy to announce that we supported our first kidney transplant as well as providing hearing to Ayush, a 2 year old who is deaf and dumb. Ayush will be operated at Hinduja Hospital in Mumbai and we wish him well in his recovery.

With your support, HVB continues to support the less fortunate in all aspects medical healthcare. Once again, we have been able to support the Sri Sathya Sai hospitals, Surat Eye Hospital, Pothappalli Hospital and various cardiac camps and surgeries.

With your support, the capacity of The Virat hospice, supporting patients with palliative end of of life needs and their families, has expanded now to 27 beds. To date, 964 registered patients have been the beneficiaries of all your support.

We thank you all for your ongoing support and look forward to the opportunities in the coming month to serve our less fortunate brothers and sisters across the globe.